Wednesday, April 11, 2007


KDE PIM, or KDE Personal Information Manager, is a set of applications that aims to manage personal information. KDE PIM is part of KDE (K Desktop Environment) and it's formed by several applications like KMail, KNotes, aKregator and others. Its main result is Kontact, a personal information manager that aggregate in a unique software the others formerly cited.

Below you can see a screenshot of Kontact:

Besides source code, KDE PIM is distributed as a binary package in several Linux distros like openSuSE (as a rpm suse package) and Kubuntu (as a deb package).

Differently as in Kubuntu, the KDE PIM binary package for openSuSE is distributed as a big package, called kdepim, that is formed by its components. The problem is that not everyone use all programs
of KDE PIM, like me, for example. I love aKregator, but I don't use Kontact or Kmail. Thus, why don't openSuSE packagers pack the KDE PIM as in Kubuntu, separately? I'd thank so much.

Yesterday I tried to remove kdepim and install RSSOwl, an excellent Java RSS Reader, but I lighted upon an impressive dependency: I'd have to remove all KDE! So, I almost lost my KDE and, thus, I've had to keep on my openSuSE 10.2 the aKregator and the set of KDE PIM softwares.

So, what can I do?

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